Even more on git scratch branches: using Jujutsu

This is the third post in an impromptu series:

  1. Use a scratch branch in git
  2. More on git scratch branches: using stgit

It seems the main topic of this blog is now git scratch branches and ways to manage them, although the main prompt for this one is discovering someone else had exactly the same idea, as I found from a blog post extolling Jujutsu.

I don’t have much to add to the posts from qword and Sandy, beyond the fact that Jujutsu really is the perfect tool to make this workflow straightforward. The default change selection logic in jj rebase means that 9 times out of 10 it’s enough just to run jj rebase -d master to get everything up to date with the master branch, and the Jujutsu workflow as a whole really is a great experience.

So go forth, use Jujutsu to manage your dev branch, and hopefully I’ll never have to write another post on this, and you can have the traditional “I rewrote my blogging engine from scratch again” post that I’ve been owing for a month or two now.